Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moving Day

Today we packed up the truck, as planned, and moved all of our stuff into storage.  It rained the entire day.  And by rained, I mean poured.  And by poured, I mean it was a monsoon.  

The rain paused for the time it took to drive the truck over to the storage facility.  Then it started up again.  Fed up, we checked the weather report to see if the storm would pass through anytime soon.  The radar showed clear skies for the entire midwest... except for one little spot, bright red, which was right over us.  Sigh.

Tomorrow we pick up a few last minute things, and then attempt to winnow down our remaining belongings into a bundle small enough to pack into our luggage.  True, there are far fewer things than today's moving adventure, but if the giant pile of stuff we have here is any indication, tomorrow's activities will be as Tetris all over again.  Less than 72 hours to go...

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