Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gracias, Senora Roselia.

Gracias, Senora Roselia. Gracias for welcoming us into your casa, giving us so many comforts of home at a time when we were so far from home - homes both near and far. Every morning and afternoon and evening you served us the most delicious comida, prepared with care and served with pride. You had unbelievable patience with my fledgling Spanish and helped me learn in conversation. As we prepared to say goodbye this morning I saw your eyes grow watery, though we have only been here for two weeks. This morning we gave you small gifts of thanks, and to our surprise you had gifts for us! This has been the greatest surprise of Mexico: Arriving with expectations and having them obliterated with unpredictable, unbelievable gifts.

Por su hospitalidad, Senora Roselia, gracias.


From Michigan with Love said...

Brewers at Cards...this could be big! Hope all is well!

From Michigan with Love said...

i decide to pay attention and you stop writing!?