Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cambíenos Puede Creer

Last night we went to watch the presidential debate at a debate-watching party hosted by Democrats Abroad (sorry Republicans).

It was a at a swanky Marriott downtown, which we both found a little odd. Quote of the night, from Chris: "Should I dress up? No! I'm not going to dress up! I'm a Democrat because I'm poor!"

Flyers were in abundance, especially this one above, which declares that Obama represents "Change Americans Abroad Can Believe In." Inside the brochure it explains that Obama "will seek to address the special concerns and issues of Americans living abroad," which apparently includes economic secrutiy for Americans abroad, voting procedures for Americans abroad, and streamlined citizenship transmision for American children born abroad. Uh, we're not planning on the last one there, but thanks anyway.

All in all, it was fantabulous for us political junkies (yes, we do own every season of The West Wing on DVD) and government-philes to be able to watch the debate together. During the first two, I was in Cuernavaca, and the last one, well, we tried to get it streaming online but it didn't work very well. Swanky hotel vs. buffering...buffering...buffering...

I'll refrain from addressing the content of the debate, mostly because it would mean a really long rant. BUT: It was kind of funny to hear John McCain imply that he knew more than Barack Obama about Colombia and other places south of the border. Um, I'm actually living south of the border, Johnny Mac, and again and again I hear people pleading for NAFTA to be renegotiated (Obama's proposal). So, Senator McCain, I would like to cordially invite you to come on a Transformational Immersion Trip here at the Lutheran Center so you can see what life is like for millions of Mexicans and Latin Americans, not your presidents and diplomats and high-level businessmen, but those struggling to make it every day. You won't represent them, but your policies will impact them tremendously. Barack, you can come too. Being from the South Side of Chicago, you have a much better idea about these things, but I've heard you've never seen Mexico, and you really should. They are our neighbors, after all. Candidates, I'll look forward to your RSVPs.

And so, debates completed, we're mailing our absentee ballots today. I get unreasonably excited about voting. It's so exciting!! So, I guess you're right, Bob Schieffer: Voting does make you feel big and strong...

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From Michigan with Love said...

I'm still unclear as to how you are leaning!?!?!? :-) What about Canada!? We (I can see Canada from where I am now, and you know how quickly i use 'we') never get a fair shake! :-) I voted a few weeks ago...the feeling wears off! :-(
Hope all is well!