Friday, October 24, 2008

El Superclasico

This Sunday we are going to Estadio Azteca, the biggest futbol stadium in Mexico, and the fifth-largest stadium of any kind in the world. (Yeah, there´s a Wikipedia page for that, from which I learned that Estadio Azteca holds 2,000 fewer people than Beaver Stadium at Penn State but 3,000 more people than Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee. Who knew? Ok, don´t answer that...)

We´re going to see the Chivas (Goats) of Guadalajara take on the Aguilas (Eagles) of Club America, but everyone just calls it the Chivas-America game. It is the biggest futbol game in Mexico, called "El Superclasico."

We have somehow acquired tickets through Chris´s Fulbright scholarship. Apparently the administrators of the scholarship see it as a kind of social networking event, in which other scholarship recipients can meet each other and hang out. Whatever. All I know is, we´re going to see Chivas-America!!! And that they´ve warned us not to wear the colors of either team ("we recommend neutral colors, like blue or white"), not to wear belts (we´ve been through that charade before) and, worst of all, not to bring cameras, because they won´t allow them in the stadium. Normally I might risk it, but I´m not taking any chances around soccer fans. Thus the full report, coming next week, will have to rely totally on my descriptive skills (with help, of course, from my friends at Wikipedia and Wish us luck...or better, wish the Chivas luck...

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