Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night Aftermath

The TV in the pizza place just switched over to TV Azteca, which is reporting in Spanish (obviously) on the election.  TV Azteca has several people reporting live from Chicago, where we're seeing the same sweeping vistas of that beautiful skyline the rest of you all are.

Things we are feeling at the moment:

1. Elation that it looks like Barack Obama has actually won the presidency of the United States!  (Imagine that exclamation point multiplied by a gzillion)

2.  Hope against hope that he might actually win Indiana.  Chris is especially excited about this one.  (Explanation: We used to live in Indiana, and we're shocked that this is even a possibility.) 

3.  Bittersweetness that we're not in Chicago right now.  We're looking at the photos of thousands of people in Grant Park on TV...that's our home!  So there's a little homesickness too.

4.  But mostly elation.  :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok odd interruption - trucks of heavily armed military officers in camo just stopped outside the pizza place.  Are they worried that the expats are going to riot in the streets of Oaxaca?  Or are they just stopping for a churro at the stand across the street....it's not clear.  (Well, nobody else seems worried, so I guess we won't be either.  (Ok, they are definitely eating snacks now.  Rifle in one hand, bag of pork rind in the other.  Nice.)

(Btw, you guys are following this blog in real time, right?  It's NYTimes.com, Fivethirtyeight.com, and us, right?)


Zach & Hannah Parris said...

We are so excited, but also homesick...we wanted to be there so badly...and like ya'll with Indiana, we want to see NC be a part of this....

Mike and Beth said...

Maybe not real time, but it IS just 5:58 AM on Nov. 5 that we are checking what you all are feeling and thinking - we are elated too!


From Michigan with Love said...

I shared the homesickness...but PA stayed Blue as did Michigan!!! :-) Those soldiers where there cause I'm sure someone reported seeing you two shaddy Americanos (it was my best attempt at Spanish!!!) in the pizza join! I mean come on...you still have that sketchy beard don't you!!! :-) Miss you both!!!