Monday, February 2, 2009

El Gran Jefe

I want you to step away from the guacamole dip!
I want you to put down the chicken wings!
And I want you to turn your television all the way up!

Yep, we were able to catch the Super Bowl here, on the Televisa channel. All the game commentary was in Spanish, of course (and somehow Joe Montana was there too, and they were translating for him - was he there on your TV set, or did Televisa kidnap Joe for the game? Because he was in this room by himself, it was kind of weird...).

For a few tense moments I was afraid they wouldn't show the halftime show...but they started talking about El Gran Jefe - the great Boss - and then there it was.

And wow. Wow! Old-Time Preacher Bruce, Rocker Bruce, Gospel Bruce, and Party Bruce, all in 12 minutes. Wow. I was giddy the whole time! Wow. What else can I say? Wow. The Super Bowl halftime show was an E Street Band show in a tiny nutshell. Now I'm really hoping I can see them when I get back...

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From Michigan with Love said...

I thought you decided to stay in Mexico forever!? Guess I just assumed from all your gushing! :-) No, I do not recall Joe Montana on my TV...just you!