Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bolitas de Palomitas!

Popcorn balls! Every year my family makes popcorn balls in the days before Christmas. My grandma makes the marshmallow-sauce, and my grandpa leads the charge in sculpting the popcorn with butter-covered hands.

Although this tradition comes from my family, it's become one of Chris's favorite Christmas treats. So, this year we made them ourselves - with one slight modification: We couldn't find any "regular" marshmallows anywhere, only pink-and-white marshmallows flavored with strawberry and vanilla. And they were jumbo marshmallows, no miniatures, so we chopped up the jumbo marshmallows into little pieces so they'd melt better. We emailed my grandma for the recipe, and we set to work.

They were delicious. :)

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Jane said...

Cute picture, Chris!! Hope you both had a good Christmas together in Mexico. Happy New Year!!