Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nochebuena Dia en Zapopan

Visited Zapopan this afternoon, where we found this really cool nativity scene (which, in correction of an earlier post calling them natividades, are actually called nacimientos).

The nativity scene below is made almost entirely out of corn husks (maize being very important in Mexican culture and indigenous spirituality). The sheep's wool is made entirely of rolled-up corn husks, the people's clothes are made of corn husks, even the angel's wings are made of corn husks. (Definitely the coolest corn creation since the Mitchell Corn Palace.)

Below is the main archway entrance to the Zapopan zocalo, where we spent our nochebuena dia (Christmas Eve day) looking for tamales.

We could only find tamales dulces (sweet tamales), but those are Chris's favorite kind anyway. Now, armed with Grandma's recipe, we're going to try and make popcorn balls...

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Zach & Hannah Parris said...

1. We have a running joke about the corn palace in my family, stemming from a long-ago, cross-country vacation in a van. It was awesome.

2. I never had them out due to lack of space in Chicago, but I have a large collection of corn husk dolls...this nativity is beautiful.