Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adios Amigos

We bid adios to our friends Zach and Hannah early Thursday morning, an hour before the sun shed its first light. For nine days they shared their inimitable company with us, and we tried our best to share with them a bit of our “Mexican experience.”

From the bustling dusty street market of Tonalá to spending Mother's Day with the Virgin of San Juan, from taking a ramshackle pickup truck tour of the lesser-known neighborhoods of Lagos with the now world-famous Luis to designing a new publicity campaign for the Primera Plus bus line, from breaking the Guinness book record for Mexican map puzzling to witnessing a veritable owl attack in the Mexican futbol playoffs, Z & H left their mark, and Mexico will never be the same.

The photos – and unforgettable soccer story – that we’ve posted over the past few days only tell a few sliver-sized slices of our time together, but I’ll post a few more anyway, hopeful that they’ll convey a just a bit of the, well, bonanza of fun that we had in the company of our friends.

Z&H's Mexican Experience

I began the week thinking of how grateful I felt for our friends' visit, given how tenuous it seemed only two weekends ago, and I end the week with that same single overwhelming feeling: Gratitude, a grace-rooted word that feels like rain in this desert of a place. Would that we would carry these memories with us through the – can it be? – less than two months that remain in our Mexican journey…


Zach & Hannah Parris said...

Working on a foto album right now. Thanks for the best trip ever....cannot wait to see ya'll in August!!!

Mike and Beth said...

I have just finished a cup of chocolate....absolutely amazing....thank you so much! You are ever in our thoughts and prayers! Sure have enjoyed hearing about H and Z's Mexican experience!