Saturday, May 30, 2009

La Batalla Final de los Pumas

Our beloved Pumas won on Thursday night, 1-0 in Estadio Universitario, their home stadium. Tomorrow night they play the second match of the finals at Estadio Miguel Hidalgo against Pachuca. It's a heck of a matchup, pitting the best defensive team in the league, the Pumas, against the best offensive team, Pachuca. One more victory and the Pumas are campeones!

Quick explanation for Adam: Each "round" in the playoffs consists of two matches which are sort of conceived of as one long match. Each team gets one match at home and one match away. The team with the higher aggregate score at the end of both matches wins. (Zach can likely explain the finer complexities, but that's the basic deal.) Earlier, the Tecos had crushed the Pumas 2-0, but in the second match of that round, the Pumas miraculously turned things around to the extent that at the end of the second match their aggregate score surpassed the Tecos. Got it? :)

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From Michigan with Love said...

yup it's a way to make more the rest of sports...what happened to the simple win or go home!? That's how Penn State won the NIT this year...there were no second chances!!! haha just giving you a hard time! Congrats on the win!