Sunday, May 31, 2009


We never would have predicted it in a million years... and we still can't believe it! The Pumas have just won the championship, their 6th overall in their history, in the craziest game ever against Mexico's-oldest-team Pachuca! The match went into OVERTIME and the Pumas were able to score to avoid a shootout of penalty kicks and win outright... whew. I can't even describe it. This is too cool.

But even cooler: Walking back to our hotel through the streets of Guadalajara (where we are for the week) and having cars with Pumas flags on them beep at us because I'm decked out in Pumas gear, and having a dude on a bike ride past us singing the Pumas' rally song: "Como no te voy a querer, como no te voy a querer, si mi corazon azul y mi piel dorado siempre te querer!"

What a way to end our year of Mexican futbol! :)

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From Michigan with Love said...

Congrats man! I'm hoping for that experience while in Detroit with the Red Wings!!! You bet I'll be at the parade! Can't wait to see you! I'm glad you've had such a wonderful futbol experience there!