Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moving Day... Tercera Vez


Now that we're all packed up, it doesn't seem like so much stuff, after all. I mean, this is everything we have for a whole year of our lives... and when you put it that way, it's really not too bad. Of course, each of these bags is insanely heavy, especially that little red one, which is full of books that we just can't seem to do without; it's like a mini-library with wheels...

The map below shows where we're going - San Juan isn't marked on the map, but it's somewhere between Guadalajara and Aguascalientes, just south of the road crossing.

And with that, we're off. Wish us luck!

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Zach & Hannah Parris said...

A mini-library with wheels, huh?...some might call that a bookmobile. :)

We're thinking of you and sending our mental support as you travel and move.

Mike and Beth said..., books and some clothes for your back....Blessings and traveling mercies, friends.

From Michigan with Love said...

typical Americans and all there rich suitcases of stuff :-)!!! Glad you made it safe:-)