Sunday, March 22, 2009

Postcards #2

More fun in Guadalajara...

Atlas vs. Tecos fútbol match!

It's just like Cubs v. Brewers all over again!! Except that we've only been die-hard fans of our respective teams - Atlas (Adam) and Tecos (Matt) - for a total of 6 hours prior to the game...

In a reprise of our Nebraska "Brokeback" shot, here we are pondering the possibility of a tie game, un empate...which then actually happened. 0-0?! What kind of a score is that? (PS - This photo is courtesy of Laura's photographic skills - thanks Laura!)

Oh well, tie or no tie, there's always fun to be had at Estadio Jalisco - even if you're a spontaneous Tecos fan or the spouse of the spontaneous Tecos fan who decided to root for Atlas because she liked their style of play better. Boo!

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Zach & Hannah Parris said...

More please. Plus, that is an awesome pic of you and Chris. Can't wait to Skype soon!