Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Postcards #3

Still having fun in Mexico con nuestros amigos!

On Sunday, we went to Mass in the morning, then stumbled upon a couple of undersized bikes for rent and decided why not? Let's bike the streets of Guadalajara!

At night we went to lucha libre - well, the boys went; the girls opted out and ended up sipping smoothies instead of watching masked luchadores fake-fighting each other. (Which would you choose?) It was quite an experience, and led to Adam and I tackling and fake-fighting each other all the way home... I didn't bring my camera because they were disallowed, so we'll have to wait for Adam's clandestine photos. In the meantime, maybe this will give you an idea of what we experienced.

On Monday, we explored our current hometown of Lagos de Moreno, with an overnight stay in our humble abode.

In the evening, Adam gets a cooking lesson from Chris and then makes us all a round of quesadillas. For some reason, he uses a super-gigantic knife... but, in the end, proves himself master of the art of both making and serving quesadillas, with all the requisite flair you might expect from our friend Adam.

Tomorrow: Touring the town of Tequila! Our fun week continues...

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