Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Our friends Adam and Laura arrive this weekend!

We leave early tomorrow to stay overnight in San Juan, then we'll pick them up at the airport in Guadalajara on Friday. Our anticipation cannot be put into words, so in lieu of lots of exclamation points I'll just post this photo for today.

This is Adam and I in Western Nebraska, January 2008. My favorite thing about this picture is that it looks as if someone had just spontaneously caught us gazing off into the distance and laughing as we sipped coffee amidst the bitter cold of the western plains. A beautiful image...

Of course, if you were actually there with us, you would have seen me set up my camera on a rock a few feet away, set the self-timer, then rush back to sit on the log as we turned our heads so that it would look as though we were looking at something off in the distance. A picture says a thousand words - just not necessarily true ones!

Also, this photo makes me laugh because nearly all of Adam's clothes in the picture are borrowed from his Nebraskan host family: the John Deere hat, the hooded flannel jacket, I think possibly the boots as well...(though I shouldn't talk, I had to borrow long underwear from my host family to guard against the sub-zero temperatures...)

Anyway, we had quite an experience in Nebraska, one I wrote about on the "Adventures in Rural Immersion" blog, which you can find here. (I also wrote about our baseball adventures in a post on this blog back in September, which you can find here.)

But we're hoping there will be no need for hooded flannel jackets on this adventure. Weather forecast for next week: High 80s and sunny...


Mike and Beth said...

Where were your gloves....? Crazy men! Have so much fun next week!

From Michigan with Love said...

It's our Brokeback picture!!! The boots were indeed borrowed...I did have my own undergarments I am proud to say!!!
I'm Chicago ready to fly tomorrow early!!!