Thursday, March 26, 2009

Postcards #4

More fun in Mexico con nuestros amigos...

The Jose Cuervo plant in Tequila (known officially, no joke, as "El Mundo Cuervo") is fun for a number of reasons. You'd think the tequila samples and margarita at the end would be the best of them, but you'd be wrong. Hairnets. Hairnets are the highlight!

Still, Chris did enjoy her crushed-ice margarita...

...while I introduced myself to the Cuervo mascot, who, as it turns out, is quite large and scary.

Next up: A trip to the craft market in Tlaquepaque for nuestros amigos' last full day in Mexico!

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Zach Parris said...

i knew adam had converted to being a lions & wolverines fan. finally proof!!!