Friday, March 27, 2009

Poscards #5

On our last day together, we went to Tlaquepaque to wander the galleries, do a little shopping, admire the public art, and, as always, pose for pictures...

Since it was our last day, Adam and I had trouble deciding what to wear...

("Seriously guys, what's wrong with this? It's my African shirt! And my flower shorts!")

("Where is my guitar when I need it...")

But, no matter. By the end of the day we donned our Chicago Fire jerseys and brand-new lucha libre masks to do a little end-of-the-week wrestling. Adam describes lucha libre as "a graceful symphony of bodily movement" - and, as you can see, we are quite graceful.

And that's the end! We've had a unbelievably great, fun, adventurous week with our good friends Adam and Laura - and I hope to share a few more stories and photos next week, when I've got more time than I know what to do with again. We're truly sad to see them go, but so incredibly grateful that they were able to come and visit us here in Mexico. We hope to see them - and as many of you as we can - when the summer comes. Until then we bid them a fond Mexican farewell:

Adios, y que te vaya muy bien!
(Goodbye, and may you travel very well!)

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