Sunday, March 15, 2009

Soccer Sunday

We're sitting in our little coffee shop, our home away from home, only there's something a little different today: The TV is on, showing the Guadalajara crosstown futbol match between the Chivas and Atlas.

This match, you might say, is the equivalent of a complete Cubs-White Sox series, so it's pretty exciting. And most of the excitement at the moment is coming from the table just behind us, where sits a group of four young die-hard Chivas fans. They've been jovially cheering and jeering since the game started.

A few minutes ago, things got really crazy. Only 25 minutes in, the goalie for Atlas was given a red card and ejected from the match. The goalie! Ejected! And our little coffee shop erupted with excitement...

It's at moments like this, on soccer Sunday, that I love Mexico.


John said...

Matt...I should at least set up a photo blog...have emailed recent picasa web album link...Peace, John

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